Advanced Schedule Posts v2.0.0 リリースノート

Advanced Schedule Posts


= 2.0.0 =
* Show schedule post list.
* Multiple reservation.
* When overwrite the another post, it change the `post_id` that is included in the ‘ACF Post Object Field’.
* Change the display position of this plugin’s input-box into the Publish’s meta-box.
* Change the width of input-box and select-box to 100%.
* Sort the overwrite post list by parameter of ‘menu_order'( Respect for Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin). Defaults to ‘post_date’.
* Enable Custom Post Types with parameter ‘public’ => ‘false’.
* Bug Fix: Process when the overwrite destination can not be found.
* Bug Fix: Improved Tag disappears in the editor.

1. 「予約一覧」の管理画面を追加



2. 多世代の上書き予約公開が可能に


3. その他修正