Advanced Schedule Posts


Advanced Schedule Posts

Advanced Schedule Posts is WordPress Plugin that allows to you to set the datetime of expiration and the schedule which overwrites the another post.

Datetime of Expiration

When it becomes the datetime of expiration, the status of post is changed to ‘draft’.

Overwrite the another post

When the scheduled post(A) is published by wp cron, the new post(A) overwrite the another post(B) and the old post(B) is changed to draft.
The slug of the new post(A) is changed to the slug of the old post(B).
The slug of the old post(B) is changed to the slug of the old post(A).


Datetime of Expiration

1. Set the Datetime of Expiration. The calendar pops up.
2. It automatically becomes “draft” when it comes to the datetime of expiration.

It can be set in combination with reservation.

Overwrite the another post

1. Set “Reservation”.
2. Select the post you want to overwrite.
3. When the reservation date comes, the selected post is overwritten. Overwritten post becomes “draft” and slug is changed.

It can be set in combination with “Expiration”.

Conceptual diagram of Overwriting


You can download the latest version and older versions from

This Plugin published on GitHub.

Future ToDo

・Step-by-step Overwrite settings.
・E-mail alert.