Custom Post Type Generator


Generate Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies from the WordPress administration which is easy to understand.
It’s a must have for any user working with WordPress.



Custom Post Type

Admin UI › Custom Post Type › Custom Post Type › Add New


Ref: Function Reference/register post type

* About ‘Update related configurations below as well.’

The ‘archive’ and ‘public’ settings have checkbox labeled as ‘Update related configurations below as well.’.
For example , default value of ‘publicly_queryable’, ‘show_ui’, ‘show_in_nav_menus’ is the value of the ‘public’.
when you check the checkbox, These dependencies settings will also be updated at the same time.

Custom Taxonomy

Admin UI › Custom Post Type › Custom Taxonomy › Add New


Ref: Function Reference/register taxonomy



* About ‘Other Custom Post Types’.

in your Theme: Custom post types in your theme.
builtin: WordPress default post types.


PHP Export

Admin UI › Custom Post Type › Export


Custom Post Type Generator will create the PHP code to include in your theme.
Registered Custom Post Type and Taxonomy will not appear in the list of editable object.
This is useful for including Custom Post Type and Taxonomy in themes.

Sort of custom post types


You can sort Custom Post Types using a Drag and Drop.
However there will be priority if you have set the ‘menu_position’.


You can download the latest version and older versions from

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